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It is a pump with micro liquid supply, power saving, small size, light weight, pulsating flow, and vibration.
Liquid transfer control is possible from ~ nL / min, such as liquid transfer experiments to microfluidic devices.
Please contact us if you are looking for a disposable item that is inexpensive.

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Micro Array Chip
1-cell Microarray Chip

Three rows of microchambers of 10 different sizes are arranged vertically in the size of the slide glass.
1600well x 3 vertical sections x 10 horizontal sections = 48,000well
(Material: Polystyrene)

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PDMS Standard Chip
PDMS standard chip

We have a lineup of standard chips inherited from “Fluidware Technologies”, which has a proven track record in manufacturing microfluidic chips for many years.
In addition, we will increase the lineup of chips developed in Japan in the future.
If you would like to release your own chip to the world, please contact us.

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S tip
Micro glass needle

A specially shaped micro glass needle for the purpose of collecting 1 cell.
There are G-Tip (straight), L-Tip (L-shaped), and S-Tip (S-shaped) depending on the application.
The standard product has a tip diameter of 15 μm.
We also accept custom orders for thinner tips, spheroids, and organoids.

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Upright inverted switch microscope 「TychoSCOPE」

It is a zoom type microscope that can perform upright observation and inverted observation with one unit.
-By rotating the central camera and zoom lens, both upright and inverted observations are possible.
-Both upright and inverted are equipped with an XY stage and transmitted lighting.
-Comes with one epi-illumination and a dedicated base.
-USB3.0 camera is made by IMAGING SOURCE.
-Comes with software that allows you to acquire videos and still images and perform simple measurements.

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